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              TBI's Movie Time is a podcast made for people who love movies, by people who love movies. For each new episode we choose an idea and run with it as far as our imaginations are able. Occasionally we set our sights on a whole series of movies, like the Star Wars saga, and do a broad survey of our personal highlights and lowlights. Other times we take a single movie and break it down, picking apart the nuances and motifs that make it special. There are no boundaries and very few guidelines when we brainstorm ideas for new episodes, with the one rule of thumb being that it's interesting for you, the listener. So you can rest assured that we're pulling our hair out to consistently produce new and fun content from the farthest conceptual reaches of the cinematic universe for your listening pleasure. But don't think that we stop short at the box office or even at the cutting room floor; in each episode we're diving deep behind the scenes to explore the roots of the works in question, be they in literature, comics, theater, earlier films, or any which way we see it.

              The TBI crew has been making podcasts since 2017, including both an interview-based format and a freestyle weekly update, as well as an affiliated Hebrew language podcast. Tzach and Mike have been best friends for more than a decade, and when searching for ideas for a new podcast, they quickly arrived to the understanding that one thing they'll never tire of talkin'bout is movies. Between Tzach's insatiable lust for the new, different, edgy, exotic and disturbed, and Mike's passionate bent for nostalgia and classic masterpiece-type works, we literally have an infinite wellspring of source material to draw from. Keep in mind that we are not professional film critics, nor do we have any intention of being so; we are simply podcasters who happen to love movies, and we want to share our journey with you. We hope you enjoy this wacky new adventure along with us, and if you have just a fraction of the fun that we do putting it all together, then life is all popcorn and cherry Icees.

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