"As a son, he's not that great. but that Podcast is awesome" Amit Gefen 

"Could you talk'bout something else please ?"

Nobody Ever

Talkin’bout Israel and stuff – The Podcast

“Talkin‘bout Israel and stuff” is an independent podcast hosted by Tzach Gefen and Mike Leibsohn.

Based on a concept we developed together in 2017, The overall aim of the podcast was to provide a window into the mindset and experience of real people who have some connection to Israel. 

Some of whom were born here, some immigrated, and some who have visited for short or long periods of time. We have no unified political platform or agenda and we strive to be open-minded to all ideas and opinions that may arise on the part of our guests and ourselves. We seek primarily to inspire an interesting and (somewhat) educated discourse about the world in which we live, with Israel being the central theme that loosely binds together all of our ramblings. Thanks for joining us on this wacky adventure!


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